Who We Are


We are a tech based platform that helps MSMEs grow their sales efficiently, specifically in exports, while ensuring procurement of quality materials at best prices while ensuring timely delivery. We leverage tech to ensure that our clients get a global platform for their sales and purchase. We provide a combination of online & offline services for an instant but long-term boost in sales of our suppliers. We buy materials on advance payment terms so as to provide financial liquidity to our suppliers while giving credit to our clients, to enhance their financial efficacy at the same time. The process of giving credit is simple, hassle free & quick. We have teams working in Asia, America & Europe to connect you to the global markets while giving you online tools to monitor your sales & purchase transactions on your screen of your computer or handheld device. We are here to partner with you for multiplying your volumes, while maintaining same working capital levels. The onboarding is simple & free of cost & would be providing great long-term value for your business.

Key Value Points
  • Service is free and will always be free.
  • Data-driven approach gives you bigger opportunities from global markets.
  • Saves your time, costs and resources to multiply your volumes.
  • Higher Profits due to increase in volumes while controlling costs.
  • Hassle-free & Simple Dashboard with effective tracking tools.
  • Efficient Team working for you across the globe.
  • Giving your organization export orders via our global network of agents, working for sale of your products in various countries.
  • Providing complete hand-holding to ensure correct execution of export orders in timely manner and minimizing the risks involved in exports.
  • Direct Quality Assurance for your purchase and sales, in order to reduce any future losses.
  • Lowest cost, fastest deliveries.
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